Monday, December 29, 2008

Sick Craft Fever

Life’s whirlwinds had taken me away for a while but I’m back and posting again, hooray!

During the holidays I got a cold, and took residence for a week on my couch cuddling along side a box of tissues. During that time I spent many hours surfing the net, getting inspired and then eventually getting crafty making Christmas decor.

I am not much a fan of the holidays, but this year under the influence of sickness I somehow got into the holiday spirit and made a wreath. My wreath does to fit in the typical norm of the Christmas theme, but over all its green and I think it’s festive. And as my mum would say, “it only matters what you think honey”. So thank you Katie Runnels of The Constant Gatherer
for inspiring this creation of mine and filling my recovery time with joy.

These are a few pairs of the earrings I assembled over the week. There are more posted on my Flickr account too.

Forest Party

Honey and Colver

Candy Whipper

I'm going back to the studio now to get my hands dirty, and hopefully make something magnificent. Happy New Year!