Monday, December 14, 2009

Wonderland was quite Wonderious

In case all you guys don't frequently visit the blog Design For Mankind here is a little visual treat for you thanks to them. Its by PALOMA CROUSILLAT.

Crafty Wonderland was a super success and I met so many amazing sweet people. I was a little nervous the night before so I didn't sleep more than a few winks. So though the whole event I was like a functioning zombie, but I still had a great time. I did forget to put someone's magnet in their bag and if its you please email or comment to me and I will mail it to you! So sorry to whom ever it was, I hate it when that happens so I was mortified I did it to someone else.

So now I’m going to put my home back together and begin with the next round of work for my grad school portfolio. Yes I already have some images but its all bowls and cups, so I need some more alluring pieces like vases and jars, etc. I'll update you all when I have my portfolio images posted on my flickr, figured I should let everyone see what I have been slaving away at in the studio. Oh yeah, I will be putting my etsy back up in a matter of weeks, I just had too much on my plate to be a good etsy seller. But do check in after 3 weeks or so it should be up and running again by that time. Happy Holidays.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Crafty Wonderland!

This Sunday December 13th, I will be selling my ceramics at the Super Colossal Holiday Sale. Its going to be an amazing event with over 200 super talented artists and crafters, goodie bags for the first 200 visitors and DIY tables for adults and children to sit down and get crafty.
This will be my last ceramics sale of the season. Sorry no studio sale this year, too many things have come up so I hope you can make it to this event. I have lots of new work fresh from the kiln and my booth buddy Drea will have some new embroidery.

So besides the craft sale I am also in the mists of applying for graduate school. It’s a stressful process and I cannot wait until I have sent them off with my fingers crossed. I’m trying not to be too heart bent on getting excepted in case I don’t, but after the process you go though and all the money you send with each application, its easily comparable to the experience of a date “for a guy”. Ether it’s going to be a great pay off with a future relationship or a total disappointment leaving an emotional mark and a hole in your wallet.

After this year is over I already have dreams of what I am going to do, no nothing glamorous but truly necessary. I’m going to seriously CLEAN MY HOUSE. It’s amazing how things get prioritized and cleaning the home starts to loose its place on the ladder of importance with approaching deadlines and piles work. But while I drive to work I daydream of what I will organize and clean first and also the most ingenuitive way to do it. Thus far my most prized idea is buying a round brush attachment for the power dill, making a paste out of baking soda and cleaning out my tub. I really think this is a brilliant idea; it’s like a super dooper eclectic toothbrush but for the bathtub and tile. Kyle thinks I’m crazy for needing to use a drill to scrub the tub but I know if this works, I’ll be a genius. No need to be turned off by my lack of modesty, sometimes you just have to marvel at your own genius. So just you wait till January when I tell you all how amazing it works and I might even get a photo of me, the power dill, and our purple tub.

So Happy Holidays everyone and I’ll be posting next year.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Siren Crafts and Sea Creatures

Alert to all Portland Oregon folks: I will be a vendor at the Siren Nation Arts and Craft Sale and I hope some of you guys can make it out to the event. I also suggest checking out the Siren Nation website for info on the other events during the week of the festival.
SO WOW, I mean wow. I cannot believe how fast October went by and I feel like I have little to show for the month. But sometimes the best things come out of the slower and more thoughtful moments where I may have little to show in product but more to be seen in progress. Or at least I hope that will be the case.
I’m already feeling tired thinking about all the glazing I will be doing this week but at the same time excited to see what comes out of the kiln.

Current favorite book:
Archipelago: Portraits of Life in the World's Most Remote Island Sanctuary. This is a gorgeous book that I must own someday! Creatures and plants of the ocean have always amazed and fascinated me so what could be better than a book chuck full of sexy pictures of them. (No perversion was meant in use of the adjective “sexy” to describe the images)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Solo Rocker

So I'm a bit of a homebody, not because I don't like to go out but I get working on something and before I know it, my day is over. However one afternoon I received a text message from Emily urging me to see Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zero's for the ending tour show for only ten dollars! Even I knew I would be a fool not to go. But as it was a last minute decision I wasn’t able to find anyone to accompany me. “Well that doesn’t matter I will have a good time for sure”, I assured myself.

Now because I was worried the show would sell out, I went early. Ahhh little did I know this was not the case. Word of advice to me next time, bring reading material. After the first band, which was good, I decided to take a trip to the gas station, make sure I had enough gas to get home. This idea was supported by the fact the second band was not so good. Now because I had been standing next to a speaker my brain was a little rattled so what did I do? Locked my keys in the car, oh yes!

After the show, 1:30am

After an hour Triple A came and popped open my car “Yay.” I then rushed back to the show worried I missed the band I came to see. Luckily I got back right as they where setting up. I had an awesome time, got a hug from a nice group of folks, high-fived a band member on stage, and couldn’t hear right for the remainder of the night. The show was probably the best I have ever gone to, so from now on friend accompaniment or not I'm going out.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

12 dollar day

I almost broke down and bought a Betsy Walton Print on Sunday, she is one of my all time favorite artists so it was a hard call. But I told myself, new car and grad school first then I can think about collecting art. Maybe if fate steps in I will meet Betsy at a show, she will see my work and happily ask to do a trade. Ahhh... I can dream cant I.

The Crafty Wonderland Sale was a success. In fact a little too successful as now I am almost out of stock and have only a few things to post on etsy. However now I have a little more room in my apartment and of course I'm a little richer too.

Next Monday I will find out if I got into the Crafty Wonderland Super Colossal Holiday Sale! Great name for a craft show right? I just have to wait in nervous anticipation till then, but while doing so I am already making working for it. Supposedly it’s the hottest crafty DIY show of Portland during the holidays so I am very excited to try it out and see how it goes.

My buddy Eric was teasing me that I need to make some 12-dollar mugs for sale. At first I laughed at him and then I took it as a challenge. I'm going to try working fast, no over thinking or spending serious time for detailing or glazing. Just some fast and simple mugs that still have some sort of pizzazz. At the same time I will use them partly as glaze tests so that I also learn a little more about my glazes in the process. I am having so much fun making them I can't wait to see how they come out.

I wanted to show this photo of my last time ever setting up on Alberta’s Last Thursday. I shouldn't say “ever” because absolutes are never good, too restricting. But since it has become so crowded and crazy this past year I realized the good times have come to an end. So farewell last Thursday, perhaps I will upgrade to selling at First Thursday.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

photo experiance reaffired

Taking good images of your work is essential for artists, especially if you want to be a successful one at that. About a week ago my friend Drea sent me to look at her website show casing pictures of her work. I took one look, halted and did a double take. “Oh Honey,” I said to myself, “I need to help this girl out”.
So after dropping off some of her pieces at my place I got to work in taking pictures and photoshopin. But what this experience reaffirmed for me is that a photo is a first impression and you must present your work in the best way possible or no one is going to take notice. Above is a detail of one of her pieces I took a photo of, which I think is darling. Anyways take good photos!

On another topic:
I just had an amazing idea, so gather near and listen carefully. …….. Calendars! That’s right, C A L E N D A R S.
For all of us crafty/arty business folk, Christmas is our hottest time of the year. So wouldn’t it be great for a few artists to collaborate in designing a calendar? Then each artist would make an order for however many they wanted. Think about it, having a cool little calendar to sell along with his or her work at the craft show. How adorable and sweet is that. Mighty sweet I think.
I don’t know, I thought it was a brilliant idea and it could be done every year with a different theme. I think it would be fun and also cut down on the cost by splitting the printing prices. So it may happen soon, sweet little calendars by art buddies and me. I’ll keep you posted.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Finger Snapin & Craft Fair Vendin

These are some new pieces that I thought made a great group shot together. On the cups I am starting to cut away the clay at the base between the little knobby feet in attempts to merge the form and drawings together. Playing around with the cutting and warping of the forms has been a lot of fun experimentation. Plus I am learning more about how my glazes work on these new surfaces.

I have more images loaded on my flicker and hopefully more to come after that. It was a perfect overcast day for photos yesterday, if only I had a tripod for my camera.

Last Saturday at the Belmont Street Fair I received some wonderful feedback from individuals interested in my work. Such encouraging words really helps reaffirm what I do as an artist. So to all of you who support me, thank you.

Now there is however those other people, yes those people who have the need to slather their nasty opinions all over my happy day. I think such persons feel they are giving me helpful advise but by telling me my work is not a good investment, that its not worth that much because its not bigger or on a wall is just unnecessary. I know hearing things like this is going to be an on going battle my whole life, but it’s still not easy to stomach.

Now as to why I make pottery and not sculpture or hangable art is like asking why does an artist make anything? Because they have some reason, or uncontrollable need to make that thing and I just so happen to love making functional ceramic art. So there… head nod and a few snaps of my fingers in yo face.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fork of the Future

I can't recall this Artists name at the moment but I will find it and add it asap.

For the next 24 hours I will be glazing like a mad woman. I got my Rock Star drinks (which I think are totally gross but indeed do the job of keeping me awake) and Kyle’s collection of Henry Rollins audios of his standup comedy performances. Henry Rollins can keep your attention like no other and is funny as hell. So yeah, gonna be glazing and when this week is all over I will feel accomplished and strong because I can still pull all nighters like the best of them. Wish I could share a pic of the ciaos of our apartment by alas my camera battery is dead and I can’t find the charger. But here is an image to start your day right and a little story from last week I forgot to post.
Some odd days ago I was mashing up bananas for some zucchini bread with this serving fork that I inherited from my grandmothers estate. It’s a gorgeous Fork with decorations on the handle of leaves and some acorns which I’m admiring as I mash away on these bananas. But then I notice there is a bit of text inlayed on the back of the handle. After a little squint of the eyes I see it was made in 1847.
“WOW” I think to my self. This must have been in my family for generations and here I am making bread with it. I am mashing bananas with a fork that is over a hundred sixty years old, which is blowing MY MIND. And then I realize that if I don’t have children and no one else in my family has children, this fork will end up in some stranger’s house someday. I know that could happen regardless of having children but I’m thinking this is a family heirloom and it needs to continue being so. And the thought that this fork will no longer be in the family starts to make me sad now.
So then I start thinking about having children, but I’ll have to think about it a bit more on the basis that having children for the sake of a fork seems a little ridiculous. But all the same, if I do have a child I can say to them that they owe their lives to this fork. Which at that point I will have framed and hung in the dinning area so they can stare at this very lovely fork every time they sit down for a meal and wonder how they partly owe their existence to this small piece of metal.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Beaten over the head with an artist bio


Have I ever mentioned how painful it is to write an artist bio about yourself. Its similar to chewing on tin foil, makes me shutter just thinking about it. So to get some ideas I am researching other artists bios and artist statements and all the while wondering, is this really how they feel or what they think about? Do all other artists have these deep motivations because I don't! My thoughts revolve around being happy, have a sense of humor, enjoy life and don't forget to recycle and reduce. I realize I sound like a card found by the checkout counter or part of a Saturday morning public announcement commercial but I really just make work based on my current whims of interest. I wonder if I could get away with "I live to make and I make to live."

I just wandered across Jane Almirall's web page on the Internet and really enjoyed this drawing of hers. I am going though a bird faze but who isn't really?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Craft Fair Rush

Somehow the fact that I have a month off of work without pay just passed my mind. I thought my summer break was two weeks long but no, a month. Which is great because now I have time to enjoy my summer, but not so great if I don't want to dip into my savings account.

So what's a girl to do? Craft fair it out I guess! After a little search and talk with my Buddy Drea we are applying for the Handmade NW show. I'm crossing my fingers that we get in.

Image time:
The image above is a bowl of mine that's on sale at the Bloomington Clay Studio right now. Other images of work they have for sale is up on my flickr account.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cut & paste my heart away

Emmanuel Polanco

I found artist Emmanuel Polanco's sweet web page by way of Modern Craft. I after a short moment of exploring I found this piece and well I got inspired to say the least. It gave me some ideas on layering fragments of pattern and image. Ahh I love the internet. So many discoveries, so little time.

Thanks Modern Craft!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

new game plan

Megan Bisbee-Durlam

Portland right now is hot and I’m not talking sexy hot. I mean a hundred and nine degrees and not much cooler in my apartment unbearably hot. I was in such a melt down I couldn’t bring myself to finish glazing and load a kiln in such weather. Sadly now I don’t have enough work ready to set up shop on Last Thursday on Alberta. FYI, if you don’t know Last Thursday in Portland is a crazy street market mostly comprised of artists.

My counter measure plan is to try and do First Thursday in the Pearl. Hopefully the weather will cool down and this will work out better.

I just had to post this Painting by Megan Bisbee-Durlam, I never tire of looking at it. The shapes, squiggles, color and so many different line qualities hypnotize me. I don’t know why but her website seems to be down at the moment however her blog is in fine form if you get the itch to see more of her images.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Early Morning

Saturday I had my high school reunion where I drank a little too much, but had a great time over all. Sunday I was in hangover recovery from the event and slept in past noon. Now you see at this point I have completely messed up my sleeping schedule so now here I am at 4am in the morning writing a blog post, sketching, and in a moment about to go do some work in the studio. Why? Because for the last 4 hours I have been laying in bed awake and brain storming ideas like crazy. So why bother trying to sleep when I don't even have work tomorrow and have a head full of ideas? I should just get up and start my day or at least try to tire myself out so I can get some sleep in a matter of hours then right? So here I am and ready to share these couple of artist that I found and really enjoy.

Jen Garrido

Now i love these paintings. They remind me of the scraps of paint I would peel off of my painting pallet and lay in my sketch book because the random layering of the dried paint remnants was so pretty to me. I love them.

Tove Jansson

She was a Finnish novelist, illustrator, and painter. I adore these little characters which remind me of the Miyazaki films and a bit of Marc Chagall's paintings. I wonder if there is a correlation or do all cute things come from the same place of transcending thought. Hummm.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Head Full of Felt

I found a new art love, artist Joseph Hart. I love the airy spaces, the stacks of shapes, objects, additions of cut out paper bits and his drawing. Joseph's webpage link is now in my 2D artists list if you want to go have a gander at his other work. It is well worth the effort.

Currently I'm in a bit of a creative and motivational slump. I can't seem to pull myself together. The moment I sit down to get busy in my studio I go blank of all ideas and stare at my materials like they are mysterious objects. It seems this summer my brain is on a long lunch break. Remedy anyone?
I'm frustrated a bit, but I will persevere. I've got to. Grad applications are right around the corner and I want a new body of work.

So one of my favorite people Rebecca Baldwin sent me a care gift package filled with various colors of wool and a felting needle. I was over come with happiness, I've been thinking of doing a little felting but couldn’t bring myself to invest in all the tools and materials. Especially since I already have so many other crafty art interests. So excited I was, I took some wool and my felting needle to the pub with me and felted while visiting with an old friend. I know drinking and sharp objects should not go together, but I was just too excited to show you all my efforts.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Blog Hopping

Artists that made my day yesterday:

Elizabeth Neel

Os Gemeos

To get my mind back onto a working order I went on a search for some creative juice. I started by trekking through blogs which lead to other blogs, and then to sites listed from those blogs and on and on and on. It was quite an adventure to see where I ended up and what I found. One such amazing find was this site, the Drawing Center . Its endless amazing stimulus from hundreds of artists that where juried to be on the site. So I found a good amount of compelling imagery to feed off of. Its helped me think about how I layout my images on pots and rethinking form quite a bit. Anyways if you get in a mental pooper go to this site and get juiced up!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Brady and Quinn

I just fell in love with these pieces by Jeanne Quinn and Robert Brady. Jeanne’s piece is currently up for auction at the Archie Bray Foundation. I thought it was fun of her to do something a little different and donate something that wasn’t ceramic.

Robert is definitely a new love of mine and I wish he had a web page. On the plus side there are a lot of images of his work out around Internet land.

Robert Brady

Jeanne Quinn

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I am a craftician

Earrings made by Sayuri

I have finally finished cleaning my home which I always do a fine job of destroying right before I have a sale or show, its inevitable. This time I participated in the Crafty Wonderland show at the Doug Fir Lounge which was a darling venue and a lot of fun. I met some fabulous people like Greg the creator of the Hungry Eye Ball site, which has some amazing artists and other awesomeness. There are also some images of the craft show posted on the site and in Greg's flickr, and yes there are pictures of me on there too.
But definitely check out the site, he has listed some of my favorite local artists and if you are a local Portlander he posts upcoming art events and gallery shows too. A very cool site indeed.

Jellyfish Mobile By Sayuri

I also befriended artist Sayuri, who was sweet enough to do a trade with me. I have been wearing her earrings everyday since the craft show. They are like the combination of a veggie, a q-tip and a cocoon all in one. I LOVE THEM SAYURI, THANK YOU. I also lucked out and got one of her felted pickles which is now placed with our other treasures on the kitchen nook.

My jewelry made a mad comeback. I never thought I would be selling jewelry again, but I got alot of interest from the pieces I brought to the show. As a personal reward, I did a little splurging at the bead store yesturday. My guilty pleasure is buying beads and I'm pleased with my new selection of colors and shiny bits now added to my bead repertoire.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Grandmas Pearls of Wisdome

Grandmas Pearls of Gardening Wisdom

The beading fever continues. It’s been ages since I have strung a necklace, I really adore these white round plastic beads. The white plastic contrasts beautifully with the semi precious citrine stone beads.
I can't wait to take a jewelry metals class this summer so I can learn about antiquing silver and copper wire for wrapping jewelry. I like the look of old metals and I have some thunder egg rock slices begging to be adorned around my neck.

I went on a image hunt for wire wrapped jewelry and found these pendants, darling right! I love nests, perhaps its a sign I want to get a nest of my own.

On a walk through the neighborhood I got to see the spring blooms and awakening little gardens. It was amazing at how many different varieties of flowers there where and many I had never seen before. What nursery do these people go to? Each little garden was a little magical world tucked away, awaiting discovery. Since then I have been on a mission to find my own gorgeous plants... that I CAN'T KILL. I found succulents might be the key. These are some gorgeous string pearl of succulents. The picture I found was taken by Jeana Sohn.

Alex McLeod

Alex McLeod

This artist blows me away. I hope one day with the help of some umpa lumpas he can build these into real sets. His Site has many fantastical places to view, and I hope you do! Its on my list of repeated places to visit and enjoy on the web.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Moon Makes Me Drule Too

Since March I have taken a short break from the ceramic medium to craft the hell out. My evenings of jewelry making and drawing have been a wonderful change of pace. I might even get "crazy" this week and paint again. I think these little breaks help remind me of why I love ceramics and re energize my passion to work with clay.

I will post images of the new creations soon but I wanted to share my discoveries this week, Firstly you must go see this vidio by
BLU. The video is an animation film done with graffiti! It's truly amazing and ahhhhh inspiring, so just give your self a moment to watch it, you won't regret it.

Sophie Kern makes me want to cut up magazines an go wild with a pack of markers. Her work has serious playfulness, I just love it!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bright Beaming Bowling Ball Breasts

Ahh the constant struggles with technology. Our computer got a nasty virus and everything had to be wiped. Bad news, I never backed up my images and info on a hard drive. No need to lecture me! I have done a through job scolding myself these past two weeks. I do have some images on cd's or saved via the internet but most everything is gone. But I feel good things will come of this like turning a new leaf. I am going to buy a Mac laptop and "of course" an external hard drive to responsibly back up my info from now on.

I know my family is going to heckle me to death about being a trendy Wendy, but just about everyone I know with a Mac (which are all artists) swears on a bible they are greatest computers IN THE WORLD and have no problems with viruses. So in a matter of days, I will be the proud owner of a sexy new laptop Mac. I have a feeling it will be one of the best purchases I’ll have ever made. There is no talking me out of it, my mind is set and my wallet is burning with the consumer spend lust.

Now on to art. As you my readers have noticed, I have an ever-growing link list of artists and blogs. I want to take a moment to point out a few of my favorite sites. Firstly I have been enjoying the playful vibrant world of Matt Wedel. His work gives me the itch to walk away from functional work and make sculptures instead. I love the big babies and crystal flower growths. Everyone should take a moment to check out his gorgeous website.

My other find this week is this blog Somethings Hiding In Here written by an artist couple that pulls at my heartstrings at how darling they and their work is. I enjoyed venturing though their posts and suggest you check out the etsy video on their blog. It showcases their loft home they have renovated in Philly, and it’s a dream dwelling to behold.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bloomington Art Fever

I’m alive! It’s true, I was feverishly busy finishing up work for the show that is now on display at the Bloomington Clay Studio until May 1st. It was a lot of work, but after everything was said and done I had a moment of reverence at my little accomplishment and thought “how could I ever do anything else than this?” The work shop I gave was great fun and the show opening was just as good. If you want to see more images of the event go to my Flickr page and have a look see at the group of images from the event. Many of the rockin photos where taken by Kim Fernandez. I will be adding many more images of the artwork in the show to the fickr account soon, so stay tuned.

This is a picture of the workshop in progress. All the participants are intently listening to my lecture of how to paint color onto bisque ware. Behind us is my show set up on the walls.

While I was in Bloomington I had a great time getting to know the charismatic people that make up the Bloomington Clay Studio gang. It’s a wonderful community working there in the ceramics studio and I wish could have visited with them longer. But it’s truly a relief to be home again and catching up on cleaning and organizing all that I ignored for the past few months. You can't believe how out of sorts one’s dwelling can get so fast.

Speaking of fast, I look at how time speedily spindles its self into these long threads that create the fabric of our pasts and I can’t hardly believe how I made it this far or all the things I’ve done. Life is crazy but I’m just glad to be moving forward.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Short and Sweet

Short and Sweet, that’s how I will try and keep this post. Above is one of my plates for the up and coming show at the Bloomington Clay Studio.

So today I had one of those days in the studio, a crappy one. Everything I made came apart or just did not work which made me frustrated which lead to fuming and finally a dramatic climax of throwing down my work and walking away brooding. Kyle took refuge in the bedroom with a book while I anchored my self down on the couch with the laptop.

I am much better now. But I just had to walk away and tell myself tomorrow was another day. I am sure I will do better after a good night sleep and an internet art date while eating my cereal in the morning. My friend Megan told me it’s good to go out and see art + find inspiration which ='s the art date. I don't always have the time to go walk around town so I get on line and collect images and websites. Here are a few to inspire you like they do me. Enjoy!


JK Keller

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kiln Fight

Tragedy struck this week. My baby kiln Pixy bit the big one, her elements died. She’s a dear old girl and every time I used her I got the best glaze firing results. What truly sucks about the situation is I have deadlines and this messed up my whole schedule. She didn’t even give me a warning that she was about to go dead on me. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my other kiln Dixie 66 starts performing as awesome as Pixy and doesn’t ruin my pieces the last time. Ahh the fight with my kilns begins, I don’t think I will win but I will hope that something comes out okay.

On another note I found a new artist whom I love Amy Casey. Partly because she also likes to put houses up on long stilts in the sky but mostly because they are fantastical and amazing. She is now added onto my artists links side bar. Please stop by her site and enjoy the visual stimulus.