Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kiln Fight

Tragedy struck this week. My baby kiln Pixy bit the big one, her elements died. She’s a dear old girl and every time I used her I got the best glaze firing results. What truly sucks about the situation is I have deadlines and this messed up my whole schedule. She didn’t even give me a warning that she was about to go dead on me. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my other kiln Dixie 66 starts performing as awesome as Pixy and doesn’t ruin my pieces the last time. Ahh the fight with my kilns begins, I don’t think I will win but I will hope that something comes out okay.

On another note I found a new artist whom I love Amy Casey. Partly because she also likes to put houses up on long stilts in the sky but mostly because they are fantastical and amazing. She is now added onto my artists links side bar. Please stop by her site and enjoy the visual stimulus.