Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Grandmas Pearls of Wisdome

Grandmas Pearls of Gardening Wisdom

The beading fever continues. It’s been ages since I have strung a necklace, I really adore these white round plastic beads. The white plastic contrasts beautifully with the semi precious citrine stone beads.
I can't wait to take a jewelry metals class this summer so I can learn about antiquing silver and copper wire for wrapping jewelry. I like the look of old metals and I have some thunder egg rock slices begging to be adorned around my neck.

I went on a image hunt for wire wrapped jewelry and found these pendants, darling right! I love nests, perhaps its a sign I want to get a nest of my own.

On a walk through the neighborhood I got to see the spring blooms and awakening little gardens. It was amazing at how many different varieties of flowers there where and many I had never seen before. What nursery do these people go to? Each little garden was a little magical world tucked away, awaiting discovery. Since then I have been on a mission to find my own gorgeous plants... that I CAN'T KILL. I found succulents might be the key. These are some gorgeous string pearl of succulents. The picture I found was taken by Jeana Sohn.

Alex McLeod

Alex McLeod

This artist blows me away. I hope one day with the help of some umpa lumpas he can build these into real sets. His Site has many fantastical places to view, and I hope you do! Its on my list of repeated places to visit and enjoy on the web.