Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I am a craftician

Earrings made by Sayuri

I have finally finished cleaning my home which I always do a fine job of destroying right before I have a sale or show, its inevitable. This time I participated in the Crafty Wonderland show at the Doug Fir Lounge which was a darling venue and a lot of fun. I met some fabulous people like Greg the creator of the Hungry Eye Ball site, which has some amazing artists and other awesomeness. There are also some images of the craft show posted on the site and in Greg's flickr, and yes there are pictures of me on there too.
But definitely check out the site, he has listed some of my favorite local artists and if you are a local Portlander he posts upcoming art events and gallery shows too. A very cool site indeed.

Jellyfish Mobile By Sayuri

I also befriended artist Sayuri, who was sweet enough to do a trade with me. I have been wearing her earrings everyday since the craft show. They are like the combination of a veggie, a q-tip and a cocoon all in one. I LOVE THEM SAYURI, THANK YOU. I also lucked out and got one of her felted pickles which is now placed with our other treasures on the kitchen nook.

My jewelry made a mad comeback. I never thought I would be selling jewelry again, but I got alot of interest from the pieces I brought to the show. As a personal reward, I did a little splurging at the bead store yesturday. My guilty pleasure is buying beads and I'm pleased with my new selection of colors and shiny bits now added to my bead repertoire.