Monday, December 27, 2010

Lots of eggs in the basket

What a season! I thought that after my show ended things would settle down a bit, but that was just a silly notion. I have been a busy busy lady since Crafty Wonderland ended. At least some of it has been fun times spent with family and friends I rarely see, so that’s been a treat.

On the right are pots waiting patiently to be glazed.

I want dearly to glaze the last of my work and perhaps have a studio sale or finally reopen my etsy store before the end of January but I have to finish all the things I put on hold for months and months......and months! Once all that is done I can start the New Year with a fresh start.

So about the show! I have to say the Crafty Wonderland show was a big success! I met so many amazing people and had the best time chatting and exchanging stories. I was also a little loopy from the mussel relaxers for my back so that might have had a little bit to do with it.

Not a very good picture but one of my "finished" little paintings.

My flickr has been updated with more images so make sure to take a look. A lot of cups (because I love cups) and a few other things.
My goal is to finish some paintings and drawings this winter, as I want to make one of my dreams of having a coffee shop show come to fruition. I know it’s kinda silly but I really want someone to drink some coffee and relax with my work.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Del Kathryn Barton

This morning while I waited for the Verizon store to open I hung out in the Barnes&Noble perusing the art magazine isle. This is the place where I get much of my inspiration from and today was no different.

It seemed to be a gold mine of discoveries and I had to write down all the names of these amazing new makers.

Which means I now have a long list of artists whom I need to post and rave about.

Anyways this is Del Kathryn Barton's work, and as you can see she is an amazing painter. Her paintings make me think that I should be drawing more figures. I could go on about why I just can't get enough of this magnificent woman's work but I HAVE TO GO TO BED. So google her, buy her work, pass on the news about how much this lady rocks.

I really have to find out if she sells prints.

More of her work can be seen at the Karen Woodbury Gallery web site which is where I found these images.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Crafty Wonderland!

What a roller coaster I have been on these past weeks. I am really looking forward to this show even though I have more prep work than time, but somehow I always make it happen. There will be a lot of cups, mugs, and batter bowls along with some items I don't normally make for sale. I hope to see you at the show.

Happy Holidays

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wow..... I'm busy but still posting

I hope you all can make it to Crafty Wonderland! I will post more about that soon and after my UMN application is in but wanted to share this new platter I made. I have some new glazes that are juicy and sweet like melted Jolly Ranchers. I am sooooo looking forward to having some time off after this but knowing me will find someway to fill up my time with another project or making better work for my portfolio. More likely I will be revamping the portfolio.

Feel free to check out my Flickr page for more images.

Have a fun and festive week everyone.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Amazing bowls by Nathalie Derouet

Due to horrific traffic jams all over Portland I am still at work for another hour and thought I would do a blog flashing.

A bit of news; First I am going to be vending at Crafty Wonderland’s Holiday Sale, yay! Second thing, because of the change of deadline to apply for a graduate program I didn’t get around to making any bowls for the sale. There might be like 3 or so that I have in back stock awaiting a glazing but for the most part no Bowls. Unless a miracle happens its going to be lots of cups, and some jewelry.... oh yeah and batter bowls.

Okay I’m going to try and do one thing while I am here and will post again as the Crafty Wonderland sale gets closer and I get some stress relief.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Working mindfully, miss you all terribly

Craziness has ensued. The grad school I really want to apply for changed their deadline, which has really thrown me though a loop. I'm going to do my best to stay calm and carry on with my work and do the best I can to juggle it all. If I do get stressed my work tends to suffer and look like pooh, and who is going to except me into grad school with work like that. So on to images that make me swoon.

Jill Lawley

I have been thinking of doing this very same thing to the bottoms of my cups and some bowls. Drilling holes to make it feel lighter and bubbly. I really like the simplicity and playfulness of this cup.

Maggie Finlayson

Maggie Finlayson is a current MFA student at UMN and I would love to have her as a peer. These bowls are gorgeous, the color and texture make me want to hold one, or better yet just own one.

Judy Pfaff

These sculptural paintings are amazing and are currently showing at the Braunstein/Quay Gallery.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Sicko Couch Potato

Ernesto Neto

Awesome artist, I love how full of light and softness his works are.

Henrique Oliveira

This man is just amazing and I feel like reality is bursting apart. Henrique Oliveira check out his site and google him under images for other work not shown on his web page. Amazing amazing amazing

I know…. I’m a bad blogger. In fact the only reason I am posting today is because I’m at home sick, and confined to the couch. So where have I been and what am I doing these days? You may want to know and all I can say is a lot of prep work and personal growth.

I am trying to push my work in a new direction, get things figured out and experiment. I have had some successes and feel positive that I will have amazing work to show you and the grad schools I am applying for.

YES it is that time of the year again, application time. But also holiday craft sale time too. I am pretty sure to be selling at the Crafty Wonderland Holiday sale this year and will post again when I get the confirmation, but rest assured I will be selling again no matter what. I just had to take the summer off to dig a little deeper and make some good work. Work will be getting fired in December and images of the finished pieces will be posted on my flicker, so keep your eyes peeled.

Some other personal growth would be my health. I have started a new way of eating dedicated to my blood type. So far it’s been really positive. I have more energy, slowly but surly my weight is going down, and the funny thing is my skin looks better. I started taking up yoga, which is a struggle but I like it. I now practice yoga poses in the kitchen while I wait for my tea to seep. I am looking forward to the day where I can do some of the harder positions without tipping over.

So these are some amazing pictures and sites I have discovered. I love finding new inspiration so always feel free to send some eye candy my way.

Oh p.s. Watch Food Inc. It will change your world.

Nicolette Camille

I love this girl Nicolette Camille. I feel landscapes in her flower arrangments.

Kevin Bauman

My favorite new site by photographer Kevin Bauman. I love looking at homes and especially homes that are abandoned and waiting for a new owner to love them, like a puppy.

Another new fave is Rene Noir. It's a group of people who blog about artists and shows. It has an amazing collection of artworks that will blow your socks off.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

prodigious paintings & beaded things

I was really excited to be contacted by this artist Wesley Younie because I don’t know if I would have ever discovered his work otherwise. So where do I begin, I can’t. My fingers are tangled on the keys trying to decide which adjectives to use in my excitement to describe his work. Each piece has all of my favorite things, great colors, textures, patterns, woodland animals, I could go on but to wrap it up they are just fantastic paintings.

I am totally inspired and pumped. Later in the month Wesley’s work will be installed in a coffee shop somewhere in NW Portland which I am going to track down so I can see these beauties in person.

Ceramic creations are on a slight hold but I did just start a new batch of stamps today and will be carving away tonight. Currently I am tinkering in the jewelry studio and am so excited to be taking a metal working jewelry class this summer. I can’t wait to do a little casting, finally learn how to make my own swank head pins and age metals. These are a few of my newest creations, don’t worry the earrings will find their mates soon enough.

I am still tinkering away on my artist interview writings for my friend Megan’s blog. Writing for me is challenge enough but writing about your thoughts and struggles as an artist, scary. But its been a good experience, I actually don’t sit down and think about what I am doing and why all that often. Not that I don’t think about these things but my mind just doesn’t go in those directions often. I’m normally in a creative lala land many mental galaxies away.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Click click click strike a pose

Technology is amazing and confusing all at the same time. So I was tinkering with my camera trying to find the timed exposure so I could take a picture of me with my new sweet ass bowl made by the artist Kari Radasch . I KNOW ooh lala right? I absolutely love this piece however I can’t find a place to store it. Obviously my eyes where larger than my cupboards.
While I was tinkering with the camera I found this amazing setting that takes continuous pictures and conjoins them all. It ‘s just like being in a photo booth and was so much fun I couldn’t stop playing with my camera for quite a while. Here is one of the groupings that came out pretty well. The first few frames are empty because I was running from behind the camera. It all happens so fast it’s really quite a thrilling experience.
My next feat is to reopen my etsy shop, it been on my mind for a while now and I just have to do it. I am trying to make things specifically for my etsy shop and nothing else, However with the nice weather finally here it is going to be tough, so wish me luck.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wonder gust

Crafty Wonderland was a wonderful success and I met so many amazing vendors and people. I might have to do one festival this summer just for the fun of it.

I finally got my house back to normal, thanks goodness. Right before a show my house becomes a battlefield and all hell breaks loose. I get so focused on getting my work done and prepping for the show everything else becomes unnecessary. So the end result is my house becomes a mighty mess. On the bright side everything gets super clean and organized as I put my house back together and after a week it’s like a whole new home and which feels fantastic. Or maybe after a month of messiness I forgot how nice my home is clean.

I started to take photos of some of my earrings and my beading station. I love beads. It’s almost an obsession but who doesn’t love shiny little bobbles? Perhaps I was a magpie in my past life. I have been a bead collector since I was in the 6th grade and can tell you how to get to almost every bead store in Portland. I don’t know if that’s something I should boast about but its true.

I use this dollhouse for my displays at the craft and art shows, but the rest of the time it makes the best storage for my beads.

Right before the craft show I took lots of photos of my ceramics and have been slowly adding them to my flickr, so make sure to pop in and take a gander. None of the pics are of professional quality but I just wanted to have some sort of documentation before I sold any thing. I am terrible at documenting my work and figured something is better than nothing.

I my next project I am working away on is an interview piece for my friend Megan’s blog, which is an amazing blog you really aughtah visit sprouting ideas listed in my I heart blogs. It's a challenge to write from the heart about my personal experiences as an artist, but I'll try my best. Until then keep it sweet.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

In the mist of it all

Hello everyone,
I can’t say how good it feels to finally post. Oh I have written many things but have a problem with posting them as I over analyze everything I do. Yes I am my own worst critic, but who isn’t.

I spent a lovely time in March and some of April on the east coast visiting friends and going to museums and galleries. I couldn’t help but take pictures with my favorite artists like Van Gogh. He really has the best color pallet and look at what a handsome guy this sailor is.

But now I am back in a mad rush to get work done which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. It’s hard to go from vacation mode to work mode but I think I am doing pretty well over all. I’m just finishing the last of my carving today and will start on painting pots. Which is very tedious and will surly cause me to go cross-eyed someday. Fortunately I was smart and got a lot of the work done before my trip.

Now for a little personal advertising: I will be vending at the Crafty Wonderland Spring sale with my friend Drea of Whale Mountain for two days. Well the first two hours my sister is going to be filling in for me, as I will be teaching class but I will be there after 1pm Saturday.

If you are are going to be there looking for my booth, just keep your eyes out for a dollhouse and that will be me. If someone else has a dollhouse then just look for another one, and that should be me.

I will try bloging again relatively soon with more images from my trip and perhaps some finished product for the show.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

gwendolyn yoppolo and Kevin Snipes

I was lucky enough to see a demonstration from Gwendolyn Yoppolo and Kevin Snipes today. I took a few photos which are currently on my flickr. I am still kicking myself for not taking more pictures especially of Gwendolyn’s work; her matte crystalline glazes are very juicy and much better in person. I especially liked her mugs; she makes great handles. Both artists explained their techniques well and gave me some food for thought.

It was an unexpected treat to meet and talk with Kevin Snipes one of my favorite functional artists. I like the light humored dialogue of his pots and his execution of drawing in relation to the form. I look forward to seeing more of his work in the future, perhaps at NCECA?

I found some images I took before the Crafty Wonderland Sale of some cups. I know more cups “whoop dee do” but I like making cups, it’s almost an obsession. I’ll post something different as soon as I can.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tragedy in Ceramaland

I apologize for my disappearance but when tragedy strikes, it bites. I’ve had some pretty momentous moments and obstacles this past month but I’ll only talk about the ceramic tragedy.

After the Crafty Wonderland sale I was working everyday on my grad portfolio and applications. Many unexpected things kept occurring slowing down my progress, but I was determined to apply. Then a week before the application this happens;

It was a clear and slightly breezy night. I’m walking out to my car, box of ceramics in hands, all sorts of tired, set my box of wares on the trunk of my car, which I do often, as it is flat and level. I go to unlock the car and as soon as I turned my back a wind blows by and I hear the crash of braking pots. My whole body freezes and I hold my breath. I turn to see everything broken into hundreds of shards scattered across the pavement. My stains colorfully splattered all over the ground with the shards. It looked like a rainbow had up chucked its cookies. Now I really couldn’t believe what had happened or what I was seeing, it just didn’t seem real. The box was so heavy and a gust of wind….really?

But after a moment, reality set in and I lost my mind. I don’t often go into hysterics; I’m a happy mellow person by nature but when all your hard work is looking at you in shards. Well what else is there to say? So the next day after some agonizing thought I concluded the universe was telling me to take another year. So that’s my plan, work exclusively on my portfolio and applications. I’ll do two sales and etsy but nothing like I did this year, that was crazy.

So a few days after all this happened I decided to get my life organized and healthy. I tore apart my apartment, purged all unnecessary belongings, and started to eat healthy. So far so good. I’ll let you all know how things are progressing in the studio and update little things regularly.

Don’t worry the bowl above is still intact. It wasn’t in the box.