Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tragedy in Ceramaland

I apologize for my disappearance but when tragedy strikes, it bites. I’ve had some pretty momentous moments and obstacles this past month but I’ll only talk about the ceramic tragedy.

After the Crafty Wonderland sale I was working everyday on my grad portfolio and applications. Many unexpected things kept occurring slowing down my progress, but I was determined to apply. Then a week before the application this happens;

It was a clear and slightly breezy night. I’m walking out to my car, box of ceramics in hands, all sorts of tired, set my box of wares on the trunk of my car, which I do often, as it is flat and level. I go to unlock the car and as soon as I turned my back a wind blows by and I hear the crash of braking pots. My whole body freezes and I hold my breath. I turn to see everything broken into hundreds of shards scattered across the pavement. My stains colorfully splattered all over the ground with the shards. It looked like a rainbow had up chucked its cookies. Now I really couldn’t believe what had happened or what I was seeing, it just didn’t seem real. The box was so heavy and a gust of wind….really?

But after a moment, reality set in and I lost my mind. I don’t often go into hysterics; I’m a happy mellow person by nature but when all your hard work is looking at you in shards. Well what else is there to say? So the next day after some agonizing thought I concluded the universe was telling me to take another year. So that’s my plan, work exclusively on my portfolio and applications. I’ll do two sales and etsy but nothing like I did this year, that was crazy.

So a few days after all this happened I decided to get my life organized and healthy. I tore apart my apartment, purged all unnecessary belongings, and started to eat healthy. So far so good. I’ll let you all know how things are progressing in the studio and update little things regularly.

Don’t worry the bowl above is still intact. It wasn’t in the box.