Sunday, April 18, 2010

In the mist of it all

Hello everyone,
I can’t say how good it feels to finally post. Oh I have written many things but have a problem with posting them as I over analyze everything I do. Yes I am my own worst critic, but who isn’t.

I spent a lovely time in March and some of April on the east coast visiting friends and going to museums and galleries. I couldn’t help but take pictures with my favorite artists like Van Gogh. He really has the best color pallet and look at what a handsome guy this sailor is.

But now I am back in a mad rush to get work done which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. It’s hard to go from vacation mode to work mode but I think I am doing pretty well over all. I’m just finishing the last of my carving today and will start on painting pots. Which is very tedious and will surly cause me to go cross-eyed someday. Fortunately I was smart and got a lot of the work done before my trip.

Now for a little personal advertising: I will be vending at the Crafty Wonderland Spring sale with my friend Drea of Whale Mountain for two days. Well the first two hours my sister is going to be filling in for me, as I will be teaching class but I will be there after 1pm Saturday.

If you are are going to be there looking for my booth, just keep your eyes out for a dollhouse and that will be me. If someone else has a dollhouse then just look for another one, and that should be me.

I will try bloging again relatively soon with more images from my trip and perhaps some finished product for the show.