Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Click click click strike a pose

Technology is amazing and confusing all at the same time. So I was tinkering with my camera trying to find the timed exposure so I could take a picture of me with my new sweet ass bowl made by the artist Kari Radasch . I KNOW ooh lala right? I absolutely love this piece however I can’t find a place to store it. Obviously my eyes where larger than my cupboards.
While I was tinkering with the camera I found this amazing setting that takes continuous pictures and conjoins them all. It ‘s just like being in a photo booth and was so much fun I couldn’t stop playing with my camera for quite a while. Here is one of the groupings that came out pretty well. The first few frames are empty because I was running from behind the camera. It all happens so fast it’s really quite a thrilling experience.
My next feat is to reopen my etsy shop, it been on my mind for a while now and I just have to do it. I am trying to make things specifically for my etsy shop and nothing else, However with the nice weather finally here it is going to be tough, so wish me luck.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wonder gust

Crafty Wonderland was a wonderful success and I met so many amazing vendors and people. I might have to do one festival this summer just for the fun of it.

I finally got my house back to normal, thanks goodness. Right before a show my house becomes a battlefield and all hell breaks loose. I get so focused on getting my work done and prepping for the show everything else becomes unnecessary. So the end result is my house becomes a mighty mess. On the bright side everything gets super clean and organized as I put my house back together and after a week it’s like a whole new home and which feels fantastic. Or maybe after a month of messiness I forgot how nice my home is clean.

I started to take photos of some of my earrings and my beading station. I love beads. It’s almost an obsession but who doesn’t love shiny little bobbles? Perhaps I was a magpie in my past life. I have been a bead collector since I was in the 6th grade and can tell you how to get to almost every bead store in Portland. I don’t know if that’s something I should boast about but its true.

I use this dollhouse for my displays at the craft and art shows, but the rest of the time it makes the best storage for my beads.

Right before the craft show I took lots of photos of my ceramics and have been slowly adding them to my flickr, so make sure to pop in and take a gander. None of the pics are of professional quality but I just wanted to have some sort of documentation before I sold any thing. I am terrible at documenting my work and figured something is better than nothing.

I my next project I am working away on is an interview piece for my friend Megan’s blog, which is an amazing blog you really aughtah visit sprouting ideas listed in my I heart blogs. It's a challenge to write from the heart about my personal experiences as an artist, but I'll try my best. Until then keep it sweet.