Sunday, June 6, 2010

prodigious paintings & beaded things

I was really excited to be contacted by this artist Wesley Younie because I don’t know if I would have ever discovered his work otherwise. So where do I begin, I can’t. My fingers are tangled on the keys trying to decide which adjectives to use in my excitement to describe his work. Each piece has all of my favorite things, great colors, textures, patterns, woodland animals, I could go on but to wrap it up they are just fantastic paintings.

I am totally inspired and pumped. Later in the month Wesley’s work will be installed in a coffee shop somewhere in NW Portland which I am going to track down so I can see these beauties in person.

Ceramic creations are on a slight hold but I did just start a new batch of stamps today and will be carving away tonight. Currently I am tinkering in the jewelry studio and am so excited to be taking a metal working jewelry class this summer. I can’t wait to do a little casting, finally learn how to make my own swank head pins and age metals. These are a few of my newest creations, don’t worry the earrings will find their mates soon enough.

I am still tinkering away on my artist interview writings for my friend Megan’s blog. Writing for me is challenge enough but writing about your thoughts and struggles as an artist, scary. But its been a good experience, I actually don’t sit down and think about what I am doing and why all that often. Not that I don’t think about these things but my mind just doesn’t go in those directions often. I’m normally in a creative lala land many mental galaxies away.