Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Amazing bowls by Nathalie Derouet

Due to horrific traffic jams all over Portland I am still at work for another hour and thought I would do a blog flashing.

A bit of news; First I am going to be vending at Crafty Wonderland’s Holiday Sale, yay! Second thing, because of the change of deadline to apply for a graduate program I didn’t get around to making any bowls for the sale. There might be like 3 or so that I have in back stock awaiting a glazing but for the most part no Bowls. Unless a miracle happens its going to be lots of cups, and some jewelry.... oh yeah and batter bowls.

Okay I’m going to try and do one thing while I am here and will post again as the Crafty Wonderland sale gets closer and I get some stress relief.