Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I need sleep

John Gill

Willem De Kooning


I can’t sleep, or sleep well I should specify. Its been like this since I arrived to Minneapolis. All I do is lay in bed and think about making pots, conversations from class and a myriad of other things. Until I moved here it was as if my thoughts had been on mute and suddenly someone put the volume back on. It’s fantastic having ideas bouncing around my noggin again but at night, all I can do is bang my head against my pillow and scream “at myself” to shut the hell up, mentally.
Things on my mind tonight;

Pottery, how to better use and apply empty space on pots so the dialogue can be read and flow better. I have a terrible habit of trying to put everything into one pot and in the process I smother the poor thing with my love of decoration. Like stickers, you can go too far real fast.

Glazing, again less is more. Perhaps not fill in all the drawing with color but and leave something to be discovered upon closer investigation. What do I want people to see first and discover later? Should I limit my color pallet a bit?

When am I going to do my laundry? I should wake up early and do that, but I NEED TO GET TO SLEEP FIRST, sleep Michelle, SLEEP!

On and on the mental banter goes.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Long time no post

Alexis Anne Mackenzie

New love of my life Alexis Anne Mackenzie

Gregory Euclide

I am also getting gooey eyed for this guy Gregory Euclide. I feel like He and Alexis are meant to be friends.

I feel that sometimes in order to grow you need to sacrifice, to leave your comfort zone, to venture into the unknown, like Star Trek. I am doing just that here in Minneapolis, a new city and not a familiar friend or family member to be had. I am into my third week of the term and already had many amazing “ahhh haw” moments. It sometimes feels like I am waking up from a blissful slumber and found out I had an exciting journey awaiting me.

However I do have the moments where I wish I were home, visiting/laughing with my sister or learning how to can some new fruit this year with my Mom. Its heart braking to think of the things and people I left to come here. But I do remind myself of why I am here, and that its an amazing opportunity.

Side note: Making new friends is hard. I totally forgot that. But I am working on it, studio tea party is in the works for tomorrow with budding new buddies.

News: The relaunch of my etsy store has been a success and I will continue to post new pots soon.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


tea cups

Yes I have arrived! After all my talk of grad school and moving, I am finally living in Minneapolis. My roommate is a darling and hilarious girl named Mo from China, who says the cutest things such as “Michelle, if I have a choice to sit or stand, I’m gonna sit”. A few days later I find her sitting on a yoga ball in our kitchen peeling a potato over the garbage. Priceless!

I have been catching up on reading blogs and searching the net for inspiring images to pin on my pinterest site. Also, I am working on revamping my etsy shop to reopen featuring my ceramics. I know, I’m taking some big steps here but this time “I think” it will literally pay off.


If you are in Minneapolis and have Saturday night September 10th, open you should swing by the Regis Center of Art for the opening of FRESH starting at 6pm. It's a show comprised of the current graduate students at UMN, which I am now apart of.

Things I found last night that I love.

Christian Lacroix

I love this designer and even though these types of handbags are not normally my flavor, I do love this one! I have tagged many of his pieces on my pinterest, but you really should google this guy.

Makoto Kagoshima

Can I love this mans pottery any more?

ps, I am sorry I could not attach hyperlinks to these pieces but for some reason my coding was off no matter how much I tried.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Buzzalogical question and answer

I’ve always wanted to do this and frankly tonight just felt right, so here we go. I am going to answer a question I get asked/emailed on a regular basis.

Where can I buy your ceramics?

Ahhh well, do you live in Portland? Hahaha, ahhhhhhhh….. Well that sort of is the case, I only sell at local shows and markets or at least that was the case up until now. But before I go there allow me to digress and explain why I am not an online seller.

Once many years ago, I had some of my ceramics for sale online and after many months only one cup sold, and to a dear friend who wanted to support my ceramical carrier. However when only your friends and family buy your art it’s not the same feeling of success. You know what I mean so I’m not even going to explain.

So no other work sold after that and soon after all my etsy listings expired. I know there where probably ways to increase my online sales but posting was a bit of a hassle to begin with and I don’t like pottery sitting around in boxes. These pots need to be in homes, in hands, with a piece of toast or a coffee beverage.

I then decided to sell exclusively at local venues until I got enough outside interest to reopen my online shop. But now, as it happens I have been getting a few shout outs and it seems that day has finally come around. BUT Oh NO! I’m going to grad school and won’t have the time! Hang on, don’t despair, college grads are just as hard up for cash as any undergrad. So thankfully for all of you, necessity will force me to keep panhandling my wares and start selling on etsy again.

Tid Bit: I also prefer selling my work in person because I like meeting and seeing the people who are buying my work. I love to hear about how they use my dishes each day, where they are from and share stories. But I most enjoy explaining to my customers that if they don’t use their newly purchased pots like the creator intended them for (eating and drinking), I WILL NO LONGER SELLITH MY GOODS TO THEE. Its true! I have threatened and scolded those who confess or have been outed by a friend of not using my pottery for food or drink but “decoration”. The thought of my work collecting dust on a windowsill just makes me shutter, so if you don’t use them for food consumption keep that under wraps.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nearing the Beginning

Andrew Piedilato

This painting looks like how I feel right now. I know the gray skies are going to open up to an awesome new horizon but its all a storm of craziness as I near the end of my days here in Portland. I'm trying not to be frantic or emotional while I pack up, and say good byes, but damn it! I'm only human.

The Mississippi street fair was a bust so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the Summer Arts on Main venue to be a bit more profitable. I normally am not so profit driven but having a nest egg for Grad school is one of my top priorities.

Good thing; I am super excited about some new jewelry I'm making involving melted plastic flowers. It’s terribly fun to melt things, if only it wasn’t so toxic. Don't worry, I wear a respirator in a ventilated room. Safety first. So if all goes well this weekend "time wise" I might have some pieces ready by my first Wednesday at the Summer Arts Sale.

Highlights; Found an awesome pink pair of eyeglasses, got the 411 that I might be published in Ceramics Monthly, and am going to Lucky Strike tonight to have Dinner with a friend.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Final Count Down

These are some charms I have been making for the up coming Mississippi Street Fair. After I high fire them, I sand them with a fine sandpaper which makes them super soft and tactile. The natural feel of the unglazed porcelain reminds me of pebbles found at the beach, perfect for summer.

I'm a little overloaded working in the studio and packing for the move has been but I know that it will all come together, it always does. My recent obsessions: learning how you make my own frozen dinners and wanting to sew my own awesome tunics to wear in the studio for next fall.

Below is the list of my shows for this summer and also "tears" my last shows in Portland.

Mississippi Street Fair
July 9th

Location: North Mississippi Ave - from North Fremont to North Skidmore
Time 10am-9pm

Summer Arts on Main
July 20
July 27
August 3

Portland Center for the Performing Arts (PCPA)
1111 SW Broadway
Time 10am to 2pm

Monday, May 23, 2011


I know! I finally I got some images up on flickr. I meant to post them earlier in the week and awesomely forgot the cd of images at my photographers house. And when I say my photographer, I mean my dear talented Mom.

Now I am back to the grind, making new work for my final sales of the summer. I will post my show calendar soon, I am just waiting to get the green light from a few venues.

Robert Brady

I don't know if I have already posted how much I love Robert's pottery, but I do. If the chance arises to procure one, I will not hesitate. Well unless I can't afford it I suppose. You can see more images of his work at AKAR gallery.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Amy Casey

I'm a bad blogger. I want to keep a log of my journey and inspirations, but as of late my lifes a marathon making and savin as much cashola as possible for grad school, using my medical insurance like its going out of style and packing for the move... oh yeah I also have a job. I'm looking forward to finishing this can of worms so I can start on something more exciting, GRAD SCHOOL.

The Latest;

The Crafty Wonderland show went fantastic, thanks to the help of my friends and family I pulled it off.

I also want to thank everyone who made it to the show. I am always so grateful and amazed by the charming people who come and support me, like from Seattle! Yikes, what a trip.

But now I am already back to work in the studio, getting ready for my last sales before I head East. Once I know all my show dates for the summer I will post that info, promise!

Also check out my flickr later today or tomorrow for new images of work that was at the show.

Enjoy the images, These artists take my breath away.

Yao Lu

Dwelling in the Mount Fuchun
Series: New Mountain and Water

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ceramic Sale!

Saturday, May 7th from 11am – 6pm
at the Oregon Convention Center – HALL D
777 ne MLK jr. Blvd. in Portland
Goodie Bags to the First 200 Shoppers in Line!
FREE DIY Area with Scheduled Activities All Day!
Crafty Authors Signing Books!

It is that time again, YES! I will be selling my wares at the CRAFTY WONDERLAND SUPER COLOSSAL SPRING SALE! I am excited and tired just thinking about it. I recently underwent surgery, don't worry it was nothing crazy! Just had to take out my pesky gallbladder. So even though I am feeling better I am still on the mend and have to take afternoon naps. Too bad I don't have my mom at home to greet me with a cup of apple juice and some crackers when I wake up from my afternoon snoozes. Ahhh the good old days. Anyways I worked hard and (fingers crossed) everything that comes out of the kiln tonight will be awesome.

Now I will leave you with some eye candy

zhou fan

erica mahinay

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Work Plans & Dreams

Wonderful news, I once again will be selling my wares at the Crafty Wonderland Mothers Day sale so mark your calenders for May 7th. All the profits made from the sale are going towards my transportation to grad school. Yeah gotta pay off the last of my newish car while still having enough money for moving costs.

I have spent a lot of this week in the studio making as much work as I can while still being mindful of what I'm making. It my principle to never produce soulless objects for the shear purpose of profit. No matter how much I need the money I don't want that to distract me from whats really important.

Karin Seufert

On another note; I am already pondering my plans for after grad school, long term goals and the things I have always dreamed of doing like travel. I have never been out of the US other than Canada and to travel the world for a year hunting down amazing ceramic art works is something I think about. There is so much beautiful work happening right now that I want to find it, photograph it, interview the artists and perhaps compose book. I mean just look at these amazing pieces that are being created in Europe, they make me swoon especially Karin Seufert..... even though its not made out of ceramic. I want to know more about these people and the things being made outside of the US.

Peter Hogeboom

Marta NAGY

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Discover ye Dwelling

I'm experiencing a life high. I got excepted into grad school, found and bought the car I REALLY WANTED, have amazing supportive friends and family and its my birthday this weekend. Yay to getting older..........hummmm.......Yay to being alive!

I had a great time visiting the University of Minnesota, meeting wonderful people and looking at art. I was graciously hosted by artist Jess Hirsch her Boston Terrier named Scout and her charming kitty Walter. I think me and her pets bonded, but it could have just been that I brought them treats. The school was beautiful and the program was different from anything I had ever been exposed to. I have lots to mull over now and am very torn between which school to choose. Ahh choices, but at least I have choices.

Amazing dwellings right! I just discovered Terunobu Fujimori featured in Dwell magazine and was fascinated with his approach to creating his designs. He also carves models of his houses out of solid wood which become fantastic sculptures within themselves. I'm enchanted by these two little tea or meditation houses he makes that look as though they could walk or fly away.

Since about 5 years ago I have been getting more and more focused on the idea of what makes a home, what fills it, how we interact within our spaces and take refuge from the world within a confided space. Where and what will my sanctuary be in a matter of months or years from now?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The day dreams woke up

WALKING Tory Fair's sculpture 2008

Thought I would make a quick post. My grad applications are near done. After tomorrow it will be over and I can get back to my life and my studio. I also have a few IOU'S to finish up but those are also almost done too. Megan and Jesse will be happy to see some long awaited emails from me.

I saw WALKING by Tory Fair and it made me think of the diving into a dream and having the world start to sprout and grow from your body. I dunno if that makes any sense to anyone but me, but there it is.

Megan Tanneke Bisbee-Durlam's Shanty Paradise

I saw this and it took my breath away, After I kept looking at it so many times I decided to post it.