Sunday, July 24, 2011

Buzzalogical question and answer

I’ve always wanted to do this and frankly tonight just felt right, so here we go. I am going to answer a question I get asked/emailed on a regular basis.

Where can I buy your ceramics?

Ahhh well, do you live in Portland? Hahaha, ahhhhhhhh….. Well that sort of is the case, I only sell at local shows and markets or at least that was the case up until now. But before I go there allow me to digress and explain why I am not an online seller.

Once many years ago, I had some of my ceramics for sale online and after many months only one cup sold, and to a dear friend who wanted to support my ceramical carrier. However when only your friends and family buy your art it’s not the same feeling of success. You know what I mean so I’m not even going to explain.

So no other work sold after that and soon after all my etsy listings expired. I know there where probably ways to increase my online sales but posting was a bit of a hassle to begin with and I don’t like pottery sitting around in boxes. These pots need to be in homes, in hands, with a piece of toast or a coffee beverage.

I then decided to sell exclusively at local venues until I got enough outside interest to reopen my online shop. But now, as it happens I have been getting a few shout outs and it seems that day has finally come around. BUT Oh NO! I’m going to grad school and won’t have the time! Hang on, don’t despair, college grads are just as hard up for cash as any undergrad. So thankfully for all of you, necessity will force me to keep panhandling my wares and start selling on etsy again.

Tid Bit: I also prefer selling my work in person because I like meeting and seeing the people who are buying my work. I love to hear about how they use my dishes each day, where they are from and share stories. But I most enjoy explaining to my customers that if they don’t use their newly purchased pots like the creator intended them for (eating and drinking), I WILL NO LONGER SELLITH MY GOODS TO THEE. Its true! I have threatened and scolded those who confess or have been outed by a friend of not using my pottery for food or drink but “decoration”. The thought of my work collecting dust on a windowsill just makes me shutter, so if you don’t use them for food consumption keep that under wraps.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nearing the Beginning

Andrew Piedilato

This painting looks like how I feel right now. I know the gray skies are going to open up to an awesome new horizon but its all a storm of craziness as I near the end of my days here in Portland. I'm trying not to be frantic or emotional while I pack up, and say good byes, but damn it! I'm only human.

The Mississippi street fair was a bust so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the Summer Arts on Main venue to be a bit more profitable. I normally am not so profit driven but having a nest egg for Grad school is one of my top priorities.

Good thing; I am super excited about some new jewelry I'm making involving melted plastic flowers. It’s terribly fun to melt things, if only it wasn’t so toxic. Don't worry, I wear a respirator in a ventilated room. Safety first. So if all goes well this weekend "time wise" I might have some pieces ready by my first Wednesday at the Summer Arts Sale.

Highlights; Found an awesome pink pair of eyeglasses, got the 411 that I might be published in Ceramics Monthly, and am going to Lucky Strike tonight to have Dinner with a friend.