Saturday, August 27, 2011


tea cups

Yes I have arrived! After all my talk of grad school and moving, I am finally living in Minneapolis. My roommate is a darling and hilarious girl named Mo from China, who says the cutest things such as “Michelle, if I have a choice to sit or stand, I’m gonna sit”. A few days later I find her sitting on a yoga ball in our kitchen peeling a potato over the garbage. Priceless!

I have been catching up on reading blogs and searching the net for inspiring images to pin on my pinterest site. Also, I am working on revamping my etsy shop to reopen featuring my ceramics. I know, I’m taking some big steps here but this time “I think” it will literally pay off.


If you are in Minneapolis and have Saturday night September 10th, open you should swing by the Regis Center of Art for the opening of FRESH starting at 6pm. It's a show comprised of the current graduate students at UMN, which I am now apart of.

Things I found last night that I love.

Christian Lacroix

I love this designer and even though these types of handbags are not normally my flavor, I do love this one! I have tagged many of his pieces on my pinterest, but you really should google this guy.

Makoto Kagoshima

Can I love this mans pottery any more?

ps, I am sorry I could not attach hyperlinks to these pieces but for some reason my coding was off no matter how much I tried.