Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Long time no post

Alexis Anne Mackenzie

New love of my life Alexis Anne Mackenzie

Gregory Euclide

I am also getting gooey eyed for this guy Gregory Euclide. I feel like He and Alexis are meant to be friends.

I feel that sometimes in order to grow you need to sacrifice, to leave your comfort zone, to venture into the unknown, like Star Trek. I am doing just that here in Minneapolis, a new city and not a familiar friend or family member to be had. I am into my third week of the term and already had many amazing “ahhh haw” moments. It sometimes feels like I am waking up from a blissful slumber and found out I had an exciting journey awaiting me.

However I do have the moments where I wish I were home, visiting/laughing with my sister or learning how to can some new fruit this year with my Mom. Its heart braking to think of the things and people I left to come here. But I do remind myself of why I am here, and that its an amazing opportunity.

Side note: Making new friends is hard. I totally forgot that. But I am working on it, studio tea party is in the works for tomorrow with budding new buddies.

News: The relaunch of my etsy store has been a success and I will continue to post new pots soon.