Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I need sleep

John Gill

Willem De Kooning


I can’t sleep, or sleep well I should specify. Its been like this since I arrived to Minneapolis. All I do is lay in bed and think about making pots, conversations from class and a myriad of other things. Until I moved here it was as if my thoughts had been on mute and suddenly someone put the volume back on. It’s fantastic having ideas bouncing around my noggin again but at night, all I can do is bang my head against my pillow and scream “at myself” to shut the hell up, mentally.
Things on my mind tonight;

Pottery, how to better use and apply empty space on pots so the dialogue can be read and flow better. I have a terrible habit of trying to put everything into one pot and in the process I smother the poor thing with my love of decoration. Like stickers, you can go too far real fast.

Glazing, again less is more. Perhaps not fill in all the drawing with color but and leave something to be discovered upon closer investigation. What do I want people to see first and discover later? Should I limit my color pallet a bit?

When am I going to do my laundry? I should wake up early and do that, but I NEED TO GET TO SLEEP FIRST, sleep Michelle, SLEEP!

On and on the mental banter goes.