Friday, October 24, 2014

paper and cotton

Ann Weber

Ann Weber, all I have to say is WOW! Her sculpture has layers of intrigue. I am amazed at how she uses and elevates commmon found materials of cardboard into colossal artworks. The forms, textures, and size are so alluring, you want to touch them like a ceramic pot or woven basket but dare not. The size and material creates an otherworldly feeling, an electric presence larger than life. Her website has wonderful documentation and a video of her in Rome diving into garbage bins wearing the most amazing coat.

on another note.

dress no.2

Speaking of garments, I have the hardest time finding a basic versitle top that won't break my bank account. However today I came across this pattern on pintrest made by 100 acts of sewing. It is sweet, simple and something that I could wear in the studio or out and about. I'm very hopeful that I might finally have a staple garment for my everyday.

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