Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Move

Yup, I'm relocating to big sky country to be a full time artist for two years. There is so much gratitude, wonder, and anxiety that I wish I could smith into writing but my fingers seem to get stage fright.


I made a website.....finally. It's still getting content added and its appearance tweaked, but its there which feels pretty good.

On August 19th my etsy store is getting restocked. I hope these new pieces are to some peoples liking. Each batch of work holds a lot of new potential and ideas. I'm really in love with bare porcelain with tin filling in the scratched marks on the surface from being scraped. White on white, it's subtle and so pretty. There will be lots of bowls, I'm on a bowl kick these days.

I'm on the fence to close my blog and dedicate a page on my website to news posts like these. This decision is mostly due to wanting to update this blogs appearance but not having the savvy skills to make my own template. I will conclude this internal debate after the move.